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MatthewSolutions is a privately held premier provider of technology services and solutions. We are headquartered in Melbourne, Florida and have been providing consumer services since 2003. We have partnered with a host of companies such as Microsoft, Levitron, OnTrack and Kerio to provide a range of reliable, competitive, and cost saving solutions.

In order to ensure world-class service, we align our services and emerging technologies with cutting-edge research and analysis to offer solutions to our customers' challenges. We combine deep industry and sectors-specific expertise, powerful research capabilities and innovative thinking to provide a suite of services that bring a broad depth of industry, business and technology experience and know-how to your projects. In addition to employing the experienced certified technicians and engineers, adhering to the highest industry standards, and providing superior client service, we become a true business partner on every project.

MatthewSolutions offers a wide range of strategic technology services:

  • Technology Planning
  • Networking and Systems Integration
  • Technical Support, Diagnostics, Repairs, and Training of PC Hardware and Software
  • Network, Server and Client Security and Monitoring
  • Data Backup, Migration, and Recovery
  • Outlook and Exchange Server Implementation
  • On-site, Phone, and Remote Support
  • Outsourcing Services for Client, Server and Network Needs
  • Technology Consulting Services

Home, Home Office and Business

MatthewSolutions expanded it's technology services and outsourcing solutions to small and medium businesses and has established clients in the real estate and dentistry industries among a host of other small entrepreneurship businesses.

Expanding Government and Education

MatthewSolutions is currently expanding services to offer more solutions to government agencies and education institutes.
To Learn more about the technology services and solutions offered at MatthewSolutions,LLC please visit our homepage and click on the link for the industry in which services are offered or continue by selecting the industry below.

Consumer Services and Solutions
Business Services and Solutions
Government and Education Solutions(COMING SOON!)

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