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Data Backup vs. Data Migration vs. Data Recovery

Data Backup?(click here for pricing, service & quote requests)

Backup your system state

  • Protect your registry, boot files, as well as important system files from system crashes.

Backup your entire PC

  • Protect your entire system, including the operating system, applications, all updates and data.

Backup data in specific categories

  • documents (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Power Point), financial records (Microsoft Money, Quicken), music (Mp3s, iTunes), photos, and videos.

Backup email

  • Microsoft Mail, Outlook & Outlook Express,
  • Preserve your emails, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, signatures, news folders, e-mail rules & exchange public folders

Data Migration?(click here for pricing, service & quote requests)

Transfer existing data to a new PC

  • Purchased a new desktop, laptop, workstation or server? Migrate your existing data from the old system to the new.
  • Or just migrate data between two or more existing machines.
  • Don't have the original CDs for your applications? Click here to learn more about transferring system applications to another PC!

Data Recovery?(click here for pricing, service & quote requests)

Recoverying data from catastrophic events such as drive head crashes, physical damage, formatted drive, accidentally deleted files or a natural disaster can be a complicated task for any average user. MatthewSolutions has partnered with Ontrack to provide seamless, fast and reliable data recovery services in the event of any drive head crash or physical and natural disaster damage.

  • In case of mechanical failure, hard disk recoveries are performed in dust-free cleanroom environments where they are carefully dismounted, examined and processed.
  • Hard drives are imaged. A copy of the disk is made and transferred to DVD media or a new system.
  • Ontrack Data Recovery tools can “force” the drive to read around the bad area.
Why Do Hard Drives Lose Data?  

Hard drive data loss can be classified in two categories:

  • Logical failure - the hard drive is in working order but some files or data cannot be accessed for logical reasons such as a lost partition or accidental reformatting.
  • Mechanical failure - the hard drive is not functioning. The most common causes are head crashes and motor failures.
What Causes Hard Drive Failure?  

The list of incidents causing hard drives to fail and lose data is not limited, but some of the main causes have resulted from power surges, overwriting, physical damages, natural disasters, and viruses.


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