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New Computer Services(On-Site)
Level 1 On-Site PC Setup $75.00
Includes PC, monitor, speakers, mouse, keyboard and speakers. Wire and cable management.
Level 2 On-Site PC Setup Plus any Standard Security and Application install $125.00
Includes Level 1 Plus Internet Security/Antivirus software install, up to two other application installs, and 1 printer install.
Level 3 - Advanced Tier1 On-Site PC Setup $175.00
Includes Level 1 and 2 Plus internet access/connectivity to existing network, up to 3 printer direct and network installs, up to 2 standard email account setup such as MS Outlook, Windows Vista Mail.
Level 4 - Advanced Tier2 On-Site PC Setup $225.00
Includes Levels 1 through 3 Plus up to 5 standard email account setup such as MS Outlook, Windows Vista Mail wireless network setup with new or existing non configured wireless router.
Individual Services (Individual Services can be added to any level if not already included or purchased seperately)
Standard Email Account Setup(Up to 2 email accounts. Additional emails are $25 per account) $60.00
Includes pop3 client setup using Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Microsoft Mail(Windows Vista email system), and Incredimail. NOTE: Some online email services are not supported using pop3 email clients.
Advanced Email Account Setup(Up to 2 email accounts & 2 computers. Additional is $45 per account & computer) $125.00
Includes pop3 client email account sharing over an existing network on multiple computers using Microsoft Outlook. Users can access the their email profile from any computer on their home network. NOTE: This works with Microsoft Outlook only and the same email profile can not be opened from multiple computers at the same time. However, different account profiles can be opened simultaneously.
Software Installation $65.00
Up to 3 software titles. NOTE: Additional charges will apply to proprietary software installation. This also excludes any Windows Operating System.
Network Setup $60.00
Add new PC to existing home network wired or wireless. NOTE: For a new wireless network setup see 'Wireless Networking'.


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