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From a preformatted hard disk drive with a new load of Windows, applications & device drivers - $65

From an existing hard disk drive image. Pricing is same as 'Logical Data Backup Migration'.

(Restore your PC when a system crash occurs. Theses CD/DVDs are created after your system has been successfully restored and operating. An image of the drive's configuration is used to make a custom recovery CD/ DVD that will allow you to restore the system back to its original configuration.)

Recovery disc use the same process as the logical data backup and may require reinstallation of Windows if an image was created from a bad hard drive to make sure there is no corruption with boot files and partitions. Recovery discs created from a new preformatted install of Windows does not require this process and has a one time fee. Normally, the image is created without installation of Windows if the hard drive has not failed or is not in a state of failing. The new image is then created after the reinstallation of Windows, system applications and device drivers. Reinstalling Windows does not erase or modify any applications or data that exist on the drive.


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