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Application Relocator

Reliable and Robust Data Migration

Allows for the selective transfer of all PC attributes without the need for custom scripting, including: entire applications, settings (Windows, network, desktop and application), user profiles and data files.
The rules-based migration engine supports hundreds of common applications as well as proprietary applications that follow known rules of installation, directly out-of-the-box.

Hardware and Operating System Independent Migrations

Supports hardware and OS-independent migration as well as transfer between any manufacturer's hardware, whether laptop or desktop, stand-alone or networked.
Does not change the old PC in any way and won't overwrite the new system like a cloning or imaging utility does. Instead, the service intelligently transfers and merges entries from the old PC into the new PC.
This intelligent merging is what sets this service apart from file transfer, partition/disk imaging, and back-up utilities.

Total Reversibility and Safety

The entire process is completely reversible. This guarantees that the system is restored to its original state safely and reliably in just one simple step.
In addition, the source PC is completely unchanged after the migration. 

Cost, Features and Benefits of Drive Imaging vs. Specific File & Folder Selection




Advantages/Disadvantages & Benefits



Drive Imaging

Entire drive contents including all partitions are backed up into an image or multiple images

Advantage: No file is lost. Restore any file or folder at any time from image.

Disadvantage: Image sizes can be large therefore needing more media to save images. Cost is affected by image size.



Drive Imaging

Files & folders of choice can be restored by user from image.

Advantage: User has the ability to restore any file or folder at anytime.



Drive Imaging

Any Partition from image can be restored back to hard drive.

Advantage: If a particular partition becomes corrupted, the partition can be restored from the image not affecting the rest of the drive's data.



Drive Imaging

Image can be used to restore entire original drive or to a new drive of equal or larger size.

Advantage: If user encounters a system crash, the system can be restored from the image to the original or a new hard disk drive. Up to a 50% savings cost for system restoration



Specific File & Folder Selection

User chooses the folders and files they specifically need backed up from the drive

Advantage: Data size may not be as large as creating a drive image.

Disadvantage: Users may forget every file & folder they need backed up. Once drive is reformatted that data is no longer retrievable. A system crash can not be restored without an image of the original drive's configuration.

System restoration could cost up to twice the price than restoring from an image.



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