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Remote Access Services Information
How Does MatthewSolutions Remote Access Services Work?

step1 Contact a Matthewsolutions Help Desk Representative via phone or on-line chat
The technician will setup a customer session ID in order to provide remote assistance. You will then be instructed to click the "Request Remote Assistance" button below. NOTE: No files are installed on your system when attempting or establishing a remote connection.



Step 2 Select "Run" From the File Download Prompt
You will be prompted to enter your session ID provided by the technician. The remote control connection is immediately established with your help desk representative allowing them to see your desktop in a resizable window and control the mouse and keyboard on your computer system in real-time. You will see the connection icon in the system tray as shown below. When the technician is completed he or she will disconnect your session.

system tray         


The 153k remote control helpdesk software runs from a Website, Email, hard drive, network share, Floppy Disk, CDROM, USB drive or removable media.



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