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Warranty & Service Policy Statement

Available Service Types

The types of services available for custom and pre-build MatthewSolutions systems are as follows:

  1. Mail-in or Ship Back Service
  2. On-site Service

Limits of Support Services

  1. This Agreement extends only to original purchasers of the Systems shown and located within the United States as determined by MatthewSolutions, and to any person who buys the System and this Agreement from the original purchaser or a subsequent transferee; as long as all transfer procedures have been complied with.
  2. This Agreement extends only to uses for which the System was designed. Except as stated below, the services MatthewSolutions agrees to provide under this Agreement are repair services that are necessary because of any existing defect or a defect occurs in materials or workmanship in the System or in any System component covered by this Agreement.
  3. Preventive maintenance is not included. Installation, de-installation, or relocation services and operating supplies are not included.
  4. Repairs necessitated by software problems, or as a result of alteration, adjustment, or repair by anyone other than MatthewSolutions (or its representatives) are not included.
  5. MatthewSolutions is not obligated to repair any System or System component which has been damaged as a result of (i) accident, misuse, or abuse of the System or component (such as, but not limited to, use of incorrect line voltages, use of incorrect fuses, use of incompatible devices or accessories, improper or insufficient ventilation, or failure to follow operating instructions) by anyone other than MatthewSolutions (or its representatives), (ii) an act of God such as, but not limited to, lightning, flooding, tornado, earthquakes, and hurricanes, or (iii) the moving of the System from one geographic location to another or from one entity to another.
  6. System crashes and failures due to viruses, worms and or Trojan horses are not included in system coverage. Additional charges will apply for repair of such services. Therefore, it is very important and your responsibility to keep antivirus and firewall software current and up-to-date to prevent such drastic incidents. MatthewSolutions can assist with repairs of any computer whether MatthewSolutions branded or not but additional charges will apply for these services.

Your Responsibilities

To receive service and support, you are responsible for complying with the following:

  1. Valid Service Contract. MatthewSolutions must have received payment for service and support prior to rendering services. (For initial service contracts, this amount is usually collected at the time of sale of the system.) You must be within the Term of your Agreement to receive service and support. If you are outside the Term, you may be eligible for fee-based support on a per incident basis.
  2. Prepare for the Call. You will help the technician serve you better if you have the following information and materials ready when you call: your System's invoice and serial numbers; service tag number; model and model numbers; the current version of the operating system you are using; and the brand names and models of any peripheral devices (such as a modem) you are using.
  3. Call For Assistance. For service support call one of the following toll free numbers based on your type of business. These phone lines are answered twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven days a week, including regularly observed holidays: For Personal or Home / Home Office / Small and Medium Business: Technical Support 321-984-4345 Customer Service 321-984-4374
  4. Explain Your Problem to the Technician. Now you are ready to describe the problem you are having with your System. Let the technician know what error message you are getting and when it occurs; what you were doing when the error occurred; and what steps you may have already taken to solve the problem.
  5. Cooperate with the Technician. Experience shows that most System problems and errors can be corrected over the phone as a result of close cooperation between the user and the technician. Listen carefully to the technician and follow the technician's directions.
  6. Ship Back Service Procedures. If the technician is unable to resolve the problem over the phone and determines that Mail-In or Ship Back Service is necessary, the following Standard procedures apply. MatthewSolutions regrets that it cannot accept Systems that are not returned in accordance with these shipping instructions:

    1. Software/Data Backup. You understand and agree that we are not responsible for any loss of software or data. You should back up the software and data on your System's hard disk drive and on any other storage device(s) in the System.
    2. Display the Return Authorization Number. Please print the authorization number you obtain from the technician clearly and conspicuously on the outside of the prepaid packaging. Unfortunately, MatthewSolutions will have to refuse to service, and will return to you, any System that does not clearly and conspicuously display the authorization number on the packaging.
    3. Explain the Problem in Writing. Please enclose a brief description of the problem encountered, the error message received, and the suspected defect you discussed with the technician over the phone.
    4. Shipping. Following the problem diagnosis, if you call during our carrier's regular business hours, the technician will transfer you to MatthewSolutions designated freight carrier, explain the situation to the carrier and turn any further shipping actions over to the carrier. If you call outside of our carrier's regular business hours, we will provide you with information to contact our carrier during their regular business hours. Jointly you and the carrier will arrange for shipping. The System must be shipped in the MatthewSolutions provided packaging to the address given to you by the technician.
    5. Package Your System. MatthewSolutions will provide packaging through our Freight Carrier. You will be responsible for ensuring that the System is properly packaged and you will bear the full risk of loss or damage for any System that is returned improperly packaged.
    6. Other Shipping Precautions. Do not send your manuals or any non-MatthewSolutions supplied options with your System. Prior to shipping, you must remove the options and components from your System as instructed by the technician.
    7. If You Miss The Carrier Visit. If you or your authorized representative is not at the location when the carrier arrives, he or she will leave a delivery attempt notice and will attempt redelivery. If you and the carrier are unable to coordinate the drop off, you will need to call MatthewSolutions and schedule another carrier visit and you may be subject to an additional charge.
    8. If You Fail to Pick up the Prepaid Packaging Materials and Ship your System. If you fail to pick up the prepaid packaging materials and ship your System within 3 days of your call, you will need to call MatthewSolutions and schedule another drop-off and you may be subject to an additional charge.
  7. Ship Back Service Requirement. Although, over the phone troubleshooting is required for all Service Types, Mail-in and Ship back service procedures are required if On-Site Services are not purchased to cover the system components.

On-Site & In-Store Coverage and Payment of Services

SERVICE COVERAGE: All services which include diagnostic repairs and upgrades will be covered for 60 days from the date of completion. Custom Build Systems are covered with one and two year warranties. Only failures of similar type of service performed will be covered. For example, a system OS restore was performed due to system file corruption. The system will be only restored under this coverage if a custom system restore CD was purchased at the time of service or if the system fails without any alteration of software or hardware installation and un-installation. As stated in the warranty coverage statement System crashes and failures due to viruses, worms, Trojan horses and/or self installation of additional software and hardware are not included in service coverage. Additional charges will apply for repair of such services. Therefore, it is very important and your responsibility to keep antivirus and firewall software current and up-to-date to prevent such drastic incidents. Installation of additional software and hardware is also your responsibility for maintaining your system's performance and reliability. MatthewSolutions can and will assist with additional repairs and services of any computer whether MatthewSolutions branded or not but additional charges will apply for these services. There is a 14 day customer satifaction return policy on custom build to order PCs. A restocking fee of 15% will be applied to systems returned with no reasonable cause other than defective. Products other than custom build systems can be returned for exchange of the same product only. However, services can not be returned for any dollar amount. PC systems left in-store for 21 days or more from the completion date of service will be deposed of. It is the customer's responsibility to pick up their PC from services within 21 days of completion.

PAYMENT OF SERVICE: As your product is important to receive in the same or better condition back to you, payment of service is very important to us. Failure to make full payment once agreed for services to be performed will result in possible further charges in addition to the amount owed for services performed. It is your responsibility to make sure that all owed balances have been paid at the time of pickup and prior to product order processing for online orders if funds for collection are not available. Returned checks will result in a $25 return fee in addition to the amount owed. Owed balances for third-party pickup must be paid at the time of pickup. Payments for Business related services are expected at the time of completion of services for pay per incident services or paid prior to services being performed for contracted services.

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